Many people have the prejudice that it is difficult to build up and even to manage a small company:the prior capital collecting, location finding, and staff hunting or employing sometimes have already quite easily frustrated the company founders in the first place. 

 As a matter of fact, an ambitious you could break this kind of prejudice—with our MIBC (Metropolitan International Business Center)!! MIBC is the most modernly popular invaluable personal office center: it is to simplify the troubles with setting up and running personal offices/companies, and to amplify the operational contents of small companies. Once stepping in, you could enjoy being a company BOSS straight away. Is there anything more wonderful than this?  

 Corporations like MIBC (founded in 1996) are in an emergent industry in Taiwan. Most of the global metropolitan cities have already developed the Business Center industry of this sort. Our average an nual growth rate has exceeded 50% at the fifth year since we founded the company. At the moment,the MIBC ranks first among the companies of this industrial field in Taiwan, and it’s still rapidly growing.  

 This is an ‘instant office’ that could help you save a lot of time and costs with regard to setting up a company. The ‘instant office’ benefits those who need a corporation registration and also perfectly suits the following needs:
‧Foreign Companies’International Office located in Taipei.
‧The temporary office for short rental use.
‧Local companies’ branch offices located in Taipei.
‧Small-sized (1 to 4 staffs) office.
‧New Company.
‧Personal career office.

Service Items

Copy, Binding Conference Place Renting 
Fax (Sending And Receiving) Service Temporary Secretarial Service
Chinese / English Business Documental Service Business Registration / Corresponding Service
Quality Accounting Consultancy Service Related Business News/Magazine Index Service
Office Furniture /Facilities Offering Service
Environmental Cleansing Service
Phone Messaging Service Postal Express Service
Reception Service (Including Filtering Visitors)  Service Of Purchasing Office Stationery/Facilities

Agency Of Finding Offices / Residences In

Service Of Paying The Tax (Through Accounts
Transferring) And Parking Ticket